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NEW YORK Oct. 2, 2017 – Alliance Digital Media has launched The Norwood Suite, the new first-person adventure game from indie developer Cosmo D. A sequel to Off-Peak, Cosmo D’s original offbeat hit, The Norwood Suite is available today on Windows PC via Steam, the Humble Store and for £6.99.

The Norwood Suite takes players to the secluded Hotel Norwood, a bizarre resort teeming with mysterious characters, secret passages and head-nodding music. But what begins as a simple errand quickly unfolds into something far more intriguing. Explore an open-ended world with surprises to discover behind every door, peer into the lives of the hotel’s guests and staff, and piece together a non-linear narrative featuring surreal artwork and an original score composed by Cosmo D.


"For me, The Norwood Suite is a real Saturday night kind of game. Turn the lights down, the sound up and really let it draw you in – alone or with friends,” said Cosmo D. “I wanted to create an experience where the mood, mystery and playfulness combine to leave you feeling like you’ve just taken a very singular, strange and memorable journey for the evening.”

Alliance Digital Media recently released a new developer diary for The Norwood Suite featuring Cosmo D. The video offers an inside look at the inspiration behind the game, how its dreamlike atmosphere emphasises a feeling of player freedom, and the many roles music plays in bringing this unique universe to life:

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About Cosmo D

Cosmo D is a game designer based in New York City with a background in cello performance and music composition. While convalescing after being struck by a car in 2013, he took it upon himself to learn the Unity Engine, eventually releasing Off-Peak in 2015. A homage to Cosmo D's home city of New York, as well as a commentary on the commodification of art and music in urban space, Off-Peak gained a cult following, with hordes of press nods and let’s plays on YouTube. With assistance from NYU Game Center's Incubator program, publisher Alliance Digital Media, as well as the New York game development scene at large, Cosmo D has since released the follow-up, The Norwood Suite. Twitter: @Cosmoddd.

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