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Conspexit Games Studio hires Kuju  

London, 14th September 2017: London-based start-up Conspexit Games Studio is embarking on a new project that utilises proprietary Conspexit technology to push the boundaries of Augmented reality. They’re going to be working with veteran work for hire studio Kuju to create an innovative Augmented Reality game that not only challenges players prowess but will also enable them to participate in social change.
Conspexit Games is co- founded by entrepreneur Eirik Moseng (CEO/CTO) who brought together pioneering ex-Sony devs Russ Harding (Creative Director) and Claire Boissiere (Production Director), both of whom were early innovators in AR on titles such as PlayStation EyePet, PlayStation Wonderbook: Book of Spells and PlayStation VR Worlds, and social investor Frank Ystenes (Chairman). Meanwhile, with a strong reputation amongst some of the biggest publishers in the industry, Kuju has recently received critical acclaim for their PSVR exclusive The Chainsmokers: Paris VR experience.
“This is an ambitiously creative project; realising our innovative vision will be no easy feat and we can’t think of anyone better than Kuju to work with on it,” said Russ Harding. “The studio’s track record speaks for itself and with their team working alongside ours we’re confident that our debut game will be a truly awe-inspiring, immersive AR experience.”
“After the success of The Chainsmokers and a long history with camera-based titles going back to Sony’s EyeToy, we’re excited to take on what will be our first modern AR project,” added Brynley Gibson, Head of Studios at Kuju. “The team at Conspexit are driven to push the boundaries of AR and I know that bringing their vision to life alongside them will be hugely rewarding.”
The soon-to-be-announced mobile game promises immersion and artistry, the likes of which are yet to be experienced on the platform.
About Conspexit Games
Conspexit Games Studio is a trailblazing new company comprised of industry veterans who have all previously created critically acclaimed – and commercially successful – projects. The team is currently working on several innovative mobile games that will empower players to participate in social change. Conspexit Games Studio’s three core pillars are: ‘inclusivity’ to bring people together, ‘inspiration’ to drive awareness and ‘innovation’ to push boundaries. Conspexit Games Studio will utilise the power and influence of games to drive social change for good and collaborate with a variety of causes in the longer term.

About Kuju
Kuju make compelling games & branded experiences for VR, AR and Console platforms and have produced titles for some of the world’s biggest publishers including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Activision, Disney and Ubisoft. With 20 years of experience behind them and over 125 titles to their name, they are one of the UK’s longest serving work for hire developers. Alongside developing original concepts, they have been entrusted with developing globally recognised IP from the worlds of Film, TV and Games.
Kuju is a division of Curve Digital Entertainment and the Catalis Group.

Conspexit Ltd is a brand-new studio comprised of industry veterans, based in the creative hub of Bankside, London. Backed by The Midas Group (an investment company founded by Conspexit Chairman Frank Ystenes, that specialises in emerging technologies with a goal to facilitate social change), and Eirik Moseng CEO/Founder of Digiment (A highly successful, 20-year old games studio). In senior management roles, they are joined by ex-Sony PlayStation Creative Director Russell Harding and Product Director, Claire Boissiere, known for titles such as EyePet, J. K. Rowling's Wonderbook: Book of Spells and PlayStation VR Worlds.
Conspexit is empowering people with visual impairments to experience a world without limitations. The company's commitment is to create a single application that has the power to transform lives. The Conspexit Intelligent Assistant (iA) will 'see the world' and utilise the built-in features of the owner's mobile phone and embedded devices to assist them with a variety of day to day tasks. Conspexit will initially focus on mobility guidance, but over time it will expand to cover object identification and print recognition. The company will also be raising awareness around sight loss and intend to become a champion for an inclusive society.

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