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New playable character, Meia casts a spell over MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY 

New Halloween Campaign brings Bonus Treats to All Players in October

LONDON (3rd October, 2017) –   Square Enix Ltd., have announced that MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY fans are in for a treat this month as Meia, the powerful sorceress, has arrived as the first female playable character in the game. With the release of the latest story, ‘Chapter VI: Bewitching Memories’, fans will be able to watch Meia’s story unfold and obtain her character by simply playing through the newest chapter.

Other exciting updates for the month include:

New Mage-Type Job Cards for Meia: Starting today, players can summon the powerful job ‘Fauviste’ a job exclusive to Meia with well-balanced stats and resistance to fire and water attacks. Meia’s battles will continue in November with the release of Part 2 of Chapter VI: Bewitching Memories. The new ‘Esmeralda’ job that gives Meia high magic power will prove to be especially helpful against the powerful enemies that await Meia in Chapter VI.

Halloween Celebration Gifts: The Halloween campaign will run from 16th October until 2nd November, with all players receiving a free pumpkin accessory to accessorise Meia. Additionally, an elixir will be gifted to all players daily by logging in to the game during the campaign. All elixirs will allow players to recover double the stamina throughout the entire Halloween campaign.

October Ranking Event for Hardcore Players: From 24th October to 31st October, the ranking event in which Meia made her first appearance will return to give players an opportunity to defeat powerful enemies to climb the leaderboards and win big rewards.

A new highlight trailer introducing Meia is available on YouTube:

More information is available on the news site:

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is available now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and STEAM now. For more information, visit:

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