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Old School RuneScape’s final competitive gaming event of the year roars to a brutal climax.

Monday 11th December 2017, Cambridge, UK – The dust has settled on Old School RuneScape’s Deadman Winter Finals tournament, the MMORPG’s final competitive gaming event of the year, which has seen Mankedupmage take the title and secure the top prize of $20,000.

Held at ESL’s Leicester studio and streamed live on the RuneScape Twitch channel, the final hours introduced a new fortress area where the final 128 survivors were randomly teleported through a series of 1v1 arenas against each other until only one individual remained.

“The Deadman Finals continue to evolve with each tournament to deliver an engrossing and tense finale, and I am really pleased that the new arena structure delivered just that,” said Mathew Kemp, Senior Product Manager, Old School RuneScape.

He continued, “Congratulations to all of our finalists, to the 128 brave souls who made it to the fortress area, and of course to our last player standing, Mankedupmage. It’s been a great year for Deadman, we’ve continued to work hard to deliver the very best in long-form online competitive gaming, and we are looking forward to rolling out our 2018 plans.”

In addition to the shared runners-up, Micka 279 and Rupper lol, who each secured $6,000 those remaining in the last 16 will receive a year’s RuneScape membership.

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