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Daybreak details winners of second H1Z1 Elite Series at DreamHack Winter in Sweden

The second major showdown in Daybreak’s Elite Series came to a close this past weekend at DreamHack Winter in Sweden. Two heart-pounding tournaments of H1Z1®– one featuring teams of five and another between solo players – crowned winners awarding an overall $250,000 prize pool.
TOP TEAM RESULTS AND WINNINGS (in order of placement):
1.      Impact Gaming: $50,000
2.      Counter Logic Gaming: $35,000
3.      Method: $20,000
4.      Vitality: $17,000
5.      WBG: $12,000
A $5,000 bonus was awarded to Impact Gaming (match 1), Method (match 2) and Counter Logic Gaming (match 3) for earning the most kills in each finals match. All results for Team Finals can be viewed here. 

Team Finals:
TOP SOLO RESULTS AND WINNINGS (in order of placement):
1.   OliverGC (Method) : $30,000
2.   siigN_: $17,000
3.   MP (Mock-it Esports): $13,000
4.   Zinko77: $9,000
5.   Guezmerr (Skins Gambling): $7,000
A $3,000 bonus was awarded to siigN (match 1) and OliverGC (matches 2 & 3) for earning the most kills in each finals match. All results for Solo Finals can be viewed here.  

Solo Finals:
● With a grand total of 28 kills across all 3 games, Impact Gaming dominated the Team Finals. They beat out defending champions CLG for the top spot, earning $50,000 plus an additional $5,000 kill bonus.
● OliverGC, a professional player for Method, won two out of three games in the Solo Finals. Ultimately, he took 1st place with 16 total kills across his finals matches, winning $30,000 for his placement and an additional $6,000 in kill bonuses. 
Twenty-four teams competed in the qualifiers with seven advancing to the finals where they would face the top five invited teams (CLG, Impact Gaming, eRa, Luminosity Gaming and Echo Fox).
Team Qualifiers:
120 solo players competed for 40 spots in the finals to join 20 pre-selected top players, including previous H1Z1 Legends Invitational winner Jack “RizaaR” Parker and Elite Series reigning champ from DreamHack Atlanta, Chris “Sweetdreams” Sexton.
Solo Qualifiers:
For a complete breakdown of both tournaments, visit
H1Z1 is a fast-paced, highly competitive, battle royale shooter. Parachute in and search for weapons, ammo, vehicles and supplies to stay alive. As a toxic gas cloud compresses the map, develop your strategy and prepare for the spectacle of mayhem. Go solo or group with a team of two or five to be the last ones standing. MAKE EVERY BODY COUNT.

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