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Discover two new maps with their own specificities and strategies

PARIS, FRANCE – May 11th, 2022 – Asmodee Digital has announced today that Hellas & Elysium, the new DLC for Terraforming Mars, is now available for all players on PC, iOS and Android.The taming of the Red Planet continues with two new maps, Hellas and Elysium, and new changes to the Awards and Milestones added to the game for more strategic opportunities.


Hellas & Elysium will introduce the following content to the base game:

  • Two new maps, Hellas and Elysium
    • Hellas brings with it the Hellas Sea and the South Pole, two new placement bonuses: the first one yields heat while the other gives the players an ocean tile in exchange for 6 Megacredits. However, players will have to be swift as such great deals only come once.
    • Elysium, located on the other face of the planet, is peppered with some highly valuable placement bonuses, mostly situated on the Olympus Mons and other similar volcanic sites. Players will have to grab them quickly or they’ll risk losing them forever.
  • New strategic opportunities as the DLC will change the Awards and Milestones present in Terraforming Mars. From the Space Baron award and Polar Explorer milestone of Hellas to the unique Estate dealer title objective of Elysium.

Terraforming Mars is an adaptation of the eponymous board game, developed with the help of the original designer, Jacob Fryxelius, and offering all the content and features from the original board game  such as the draft variant. The game previously already received a first DLC, Prelude.
In this strategic turn-based game, players play as a corporation and compete to transform Mars into a habitable planet by building facilities, researching innovative technologies, and managing their resource productions. Players can take up the challenge of Terraforming Mars either in solo  or in multiplayer with a maximum of 5 players.
The DLC Hellas & Elysium is now available for all players on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Game Store and Humble) for 6,99$/€, on iOS for 3,99$/€, and Android for 3,49€ /4,49$. Players will need to have the base game in order to access the content of the DLC.
Terraforming Mars is already available on Steam, GOG, Epic Game Store and Humble for 19,99€ / 19,99$. Terraforming Mars is also available on the App Store for 9,99€ / 8,99$, and on Android for 8,99€ / 8,99$. Mobile versions require either iOS 10 and above or Android 6.0 and above.
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