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God’s Trigger Announces Free New Content

Blessings Counted in New Accolades Trailer as Game Basks in Critical Glory

Techland Publishing is happy to announce today its first set of blessings to shower down on the many believers of One More Level’s brutal hit shooter God’s Trigger, in the form of online co-op on PC.

With numerous fans of the blood-soaked rampaging fun won since launch among critics and players alike, the advent of online co-op marks the start of continuing support for the divine grindhouse carnage-fest, with more Arcade Levels coming to the game in June as previously announced.

Check out the new accolades trailer here: PEGI

Featuring two unique characters, who work devilishly well together, local co-op was a strong part of the God’s Trigger experience from the start, with much of the critical praise lavished on the game focused on the multitude of enjoyable possibilities to be found in combining characters Harry and Judy’s numerous abilities. Soon, PC players will be able to creatively rain down death with strangers or friends remotely at no additional cost.

God’s Trigger currently enjoys an 80 top critic average score on Open Critic, with 84% of critics recommending the game, and an 85% positive rating on Steam. Critics praised the depth of gameplay and creative options in dealing death, along with the over-the-top grindhouse art style and humour.

God’s Trigger has successfully cemented a reputation among its impressive peers as the next enjoyable step in an already high-quality, addictive genre, boasting fast, brutal gameplay requiring precision and offering an unparalleled depth with the number of available weapons, special abilities, and upgrades.

Watch this space for more news on additional free content coming soon!

Other God’s Trigger assets available HERE

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