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Neon-soaked thriller (re)format Z: reaches 75k mobile installs

The Reformation remains relevant as Blindflug Studios celebrates success of dystopian stealth title  

Zürich, 12th September 2018: Blindflug Studios, an independent developer based in Zürich, is happy to announce that its dystopian sci-fi thriller (re)format Z: has reached 75,000 installs across iOS and Android devices is on course for many more.

(re)format Z: was initially released to commemorate the anniversary of the Reformation, an historical event that despite being somewhat forgotten in the western world actually shaped the way we live today, and remains a classic tale of tackling an authoritarian regime. Updated for the modern world, the game replaces the Church with the sinister mega-corporation LIBRIA and sees programmer Alice join an underground movement known only as “The Resistance” dedicated to toppling it.


More than 75,000 players have become Alice and experienced the secrecy, suppression and rebellion of the Reformation, in a bid to ultimately ensure the freedom of information and knowledge. The action takes place in a neon-soaked version of the historic old town of Zürich, Altstadt, where players must use stealth and cunning to sneak past surveillance cameras and drones, outsmart security patrols and solve devious puzzles.


“The twist in the tale comes in the genuine possibility that this could happen,” said Moritz Zumbuhl, President & Co-Founder, Blindflug Studios. “Today’s world is one increasingly made up of corporations that hold vast amounts of information about us all, ultimately making them more powerful than governments. We feel that (re)format Z: is more relevant than ever and we’re really happy that it’s gone down so well with players.”


(re)format Z: is completely free to download and play, and is available on the App Store and Google Play now.

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About Blindflug Studios

Blindflug Studios are a young Swiss game developer, made up of seven designers and developers. The studio was born in 2014 as a spin-of to successful Zurich-based web agency Feinheit. Its mission is to develop awesome games that pick tackle relevant topics of our time by transporting them into fascinating and surprising game worlds. Its debut title “First Strike” dealt with nuclear proliferation and the dangers of nuclear weapons, while also being a smash hit, having more than 4 million players to this day.


As part of the international celebrations of the Reformation, Canton Zurich and the City of Zurich, the Evangelical-Reformed Church, the Protestant City Association and Zurich Tourism have launched the “500 Years of Zurich Reformation” Society. The focus here is on the relevance of the Reformation – the repercussions and social influences that can be felt in Zurich today. Barbara Weber and Martin Heller together direct and curate the festival programme, taking a critical, enquiring approach. They have developed a multifaceted festival for city and canton, running through from mid-2017 to early 2019.

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