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Quantic Dream hit Heavy RainTM Launches on PC Today

PARIS, June 24, 2019  --  Quantic Dream S.A., the French video game studio at the forefront of producing interactive narrative experiences, today released one of its most popular action-adventure titles, Heavy RainTM, on PC via the Epic Games store.

Heavy Rain Official PC Trailer:

Players also have the chance to explore a free playable PC demo to preview the game’s PC experience. “Today’s release of HEAVY RAINTM for PC marks our studio’s first initiative as an independent publisher,” said Guillaume de Fondaumière, co-CEO of Quantic Dream. “BEYOND: TWO SOULS and DETROIT: BECOME HUMANTM will soon follow, allowing PC gamers around the world to play our unique multiple award winning and emotion-filled titles.”
Fans of the mind-bending thriller will now be able to experience the suspenseful game fully optimized for PC. Players, old and new will get to partake in the hunt for the Origami Killer, living out the narrative from the perspective of four main characters, as they rush to solve the mystery of Shaun Mars’s murder and prevent the killing of another victim. This acclaimed game, previously only available on PlayStation consoles, is brought to PC with stunning visuals including 4K resolution, widescreen compatibility, and 60 FPS frame rate. Heavy Rain is now available via the Epic Games store for £15.99.
“Heavy Rain has always been a very special project to me. It was the first time I was writing about my personal experience as a father, the first time I created a game based on something I experienced in real life. Years later, millions of people around the world have shared the emotions I felt when I lost my son in a mall, and have answered this simple but deep question: how far are you prepared to go for someone you love.” said David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream and Director of Heavy Rain. “Today, we are glad to make this game available to all PC gamers, who will discover the interlaced stories of this father looking for his son, Ethan Mars, the FBI agent Norman Jayden, the journalist Madison Page and the private detective Scott Shelby.”

About Quantic Dream
Quantic Dream is a French video game studio that leads the world in interactive storytelling. Founded 22 years ago by David Cage to create AAA games based on emotion and interactive storytelling, Quantic Dream has been at the forefront of innovation in narrative, popularizing the genre of choice-dependent stories. The studio, that worked exclusively with Sony during the past 12 years, created thought-provoking games like FahrenheitTM (aka Indigo Prophecy in North America), Heavy RainTM, Beyond: Two SoulsTM, and more recently Detroit: Become HumanTM. The studio’s medium-defining titles have showcased world-class talents including David Bowie, Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, Hans Zimmer and Jesse Williams. Quantic Dream has developed proprietary technologies and original franchises since its creation, with the support of millions of gamers around the world.
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