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The new patch 1.02 is now live on Steam and Epic Games Store, correcting several visual bugs and issues in game, and will come soon to all consoles.

The patch details are available now on Steam:

Parallel Studio has poured its heart into Stan’s path to resilience and his fight for a preserved ocean. The team feels grateful for the flow of feedback from players from all around the world. And to improve the player’s journey, Parallel Studio has been working on a new patch, addressing many different demands from the community and the press.  

This patch 1.02 is out now on PC, through Steam and Epic Games Store, and addresses the following points: 

  • Fixed music being abruptly cut. 

  • Fixed unlimited oxygen during Day 14. 

  • Fixed a misplaced objective marker during drill activation objective. 

  • Fixed some interactions not being enabled after finishing the game (bed, jellyfish at the window). 

  • Fixed galleon trophy being not obtainable. 

  • Fixed containers mission not being started after reloading the game during Day 03. 

  • Fixed Stan being unable to enter in Moon during containers mission during Day 03. 

  • Fixed Moon being stuck in an explosion loop. 

  • Fixed a crash when using a mine on a grid at Transit Street.  


This patch will be available on all consoles soon, solving all the aforementioned issues, as well as others related to those specific platforms. These additional fixes include screen tearing issues, auto-save errors on PlayStation 5 or unsaved screenshots on Xbox Series X. Parallel Studio is focusing on fixing any other issue that would come to their attention, and will continue to update the game in the coming weeks to keep on improving the experience for everyone.  
Players experiencing issues with the game can also reach out to the dedicated customer support page for assistance:

If you're yet to try out the game, please do get in touch with your platform preference.

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