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Players who sign-up to participate will be able to experience the full game ahead of its Steam Early Access launch on Sept. 29

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. - Sept. 6, 2022 - Following Moonbreaker’s reveal at gamescom Opening Night Live last month, Unknown Worlds (Subnautica series) and KRAFTON will host two seperate Steam Preview Weekend playtests on Sept. 9-11 and Sept. 16-18. All players who sign-up for the playtests will be able to experience the game for free ahead of its Steam Early Access launch on Sept. 29. For anyone who did not demo the game on-site at gamescom, these Steam Preview Weekend playtests will be the first time they can play Moonbreaker, try out Captains, build custom Rosters, paint their Units, and much more.
While the primary goal of these playtests is to stress test the servers, all participants are encouraged to stream their gameplay, upload their clips, and share their paint jobs with the world. All custom paint jobs created during the Steam Preview Weekend playtests will be saved so players have access to them if they purchase Moonbreaker when it launches into Early Access later this month.
It’s simple to participate - all players must do is the following:

  • Log into Steam
  • Search for “Moonbreaker”
  • Click the “Request Access” button on the “Join the Moonbreaker Playtest” section
  • Confirm the request
Important Playtest Details:
  • Testers will be given access to the entire game, though some in-game systems and the store will be disabled
  • Testers will be granted immediate access to all Season 1 Units and Captains for the playtests. Units and Captains will need to be unlocked once Moonbreaker enters Early Access. We’ve streamlined this process for the playtests due to its limited timeframe and to ensure that we can monitor initial impressions
  • All progress will be wiped once the Preview Weekend playtests conclude, but player paint jobs will carry forward
  • Preview access may be limited based on your location 
  • These tests are meant to push the servers to their limits, so interruptions and/or emergency maintenance can and will likely occur 
  • The dates and times above are subject to change, but we will do our best to announce any schedule changes as far in advance as possible 
  • Please note that localization and in-game language support is not final, nor representative of the Early Access launch experience
For the latest information around Moonbreaker and the upcoming Steam Preview Weekend playtests, please visit https://moonbreaker.com/en and join the community conversation on the following channels:

Further assets and press releases are available on the official Moonbreaker press room.

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About Unknown Worlds
Unknown Worlds (UW) is a globally distributed developer of beloved games. The studio was born of the Half-Life modding scene with Natural Selection. Since then, UW has reached worldwide recognition for the hybrid multiplayer strategy/shooter Natural Selection 2, the underwater adventure survival game series Subnautica, and the upcoming turn-based, tabletop tactic game Moonbreaker. Follow UW on Twitter @unknownworlds.
*Legal disclaimer related to Moonbreaker: As the game is in Early Access, KRAFTON reserves the right to change the development of the game, including key features and pricing plans, at any time.