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Cast fast spells to become the boss

Rapid Magic: Arcane Crystals available now for iOS;
Competition open for players to solve clues and win to become an in-game boss

Poznan, 25th October 2018: Mindsense Games has today launched a unique opportunity for players to become part of the fabric of its latest game, Rapid Magic, allowing them to appear in a hidden level as one of the final boss characters.
Hinted at in Rapid Magic’s brand new launch trailer, filmed on location at Poznan Game Arena and starring members of Checkpoint Cosplay, the puzzle to enter into the competition consists of five unique spells, similar to those employed within the game itself. Once those five spells have been input on the map screen, and only then, players will unlock the Stargate and have the chance to enter into a competition, giving them the opportunity to use their face, or chosen countenance, as the image of the game’s final boss.

Check out the launch trailer here:

Available now on iOS for $2.99, Rapid Magic pushes players’ reaction skills to the limit in an intriguing, magical world as one of four playable characters on a quest to stop great evil. Developed by Finland’s Plush Pop Software the game promises whimsical fun and an intuitive mix between casual and RPG genres that on the one hand is immediately accessible to new players and on the other a deep, tactical experience, with multiple special events that will keep the game fresh throughout.
Download the game here:
The competition will run for one week from today, with an extra five day allowance to collate results and choose the winner.
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About Mindsense Games
Mindsense Games is a part of Boombit capital group focused on premium/paid games with intention to publish on platforms including Steam, Switch and Mobile.
Mindsense Games aims to amaze and inspire its audience with unique and original games that push the medium to new limits. Its main goal is to evoke creativity and a sense of wonder in the players.
About Plush Pop Software
Plush Pop Soft is based in Finland and wants to deliver fun gameplay experiences with unique twists, beautiful pixel and low-poly art, and terrific soundscapes.
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