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Sound the Alarm! Survival RPG Z-Alert announced for PC and Mac

Cedar Games unveils its vibrant post-apocalyptic debut

Cologne, Germany - January 25th 2018 – Cedar Games, an independent development studio based in Cologne is today thrilled to unveil its debut title, Z-Alert, a highly-customisable 2D survival-sim role-playing game for PC and Mac.

Set in a vibrantly illustrated post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the living-dead, players must use everything at their disposal if they wish to see the sunrise. Scavenge the environment to find useful resources, craft items, construct a shelter, and then recruit companions to help defend against hordes of the undead and other hostile survivors. Venture out into dangerous forest areas in search of valuable loot... but be careful as everyone might not make it home in one piece!

A richly engaging and rewarding story full of unforgettable characters and mysteries will take hold of players as they explore the world of Z-Alert, while random elements such as world generation and surprise encounters guarantees each new game is as exciting and as fresh as the last.

Playable in both online or offline mode, Z-Alert puts player choice front and centre with a number of highly customisable systems – from difficulty and UI to character skills and perks. While a choice between hands-off automated combat, classic 2D skirmishes or tactical isometric encounters ensure players have complete control of their survival experience.

“We’re extremely happy to finally lift the lid on Z-Alert” said John Nash, Lead Designer at Cedar Games, “our mix of survival RPG and simulation is a pretty special one. What we’ve been able to show today is just the tip of the pickaxe and I can’t wait to reveal more information in the coming months.”

Have you got what it takes to survive? For more information on Z-Alert and please follow the official Twitter channel, like the official Facebook page, and check out the game on Instagram.


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About Cedar Games

Cedar Games is an independent development studio based in Cologne, Germany. United by a lifelong passion and desire to make games the team are currently working on their debut title Z-Alert, a vibrant post-apocalyptic survival-sim RPG.

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