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Pack your bags and take a trip to the fabulous city of Gaydorado this January

CocoBear bring acclaimed gay-friendly social RPG to Android and iPhone devices soon

Hong Kong, January 9th, 2018 – CocoBear is thrilled to announce that acclaimed social role-playing title, Gaydorado will be coming this January to Android and iPhone devices in English speaking countries and will be available to download for free.

Gaydorado is the most in depth social RPG, dress-up and mobile story game hybrid, designed and developed with the gay community in mind.

Featuring multiple storylines and a whole host of hotties to date, players will take a trip to the beautiful, bustling modern metropolis of Gaydorado, where they will begin an exciting new chapter of their life, full of exciting encounters, colourful characters and chic clothing choices.

Multiple activities await players in the city as they meet friends or engage in romantic encounters in a bar or club, sweat it out at the local gym, tailor their own clothing style or go head-to-head in the mano-a-mano combat mode.

Gaydorado Features

  • Exciting Storylines, Diverse Life Experiences

Gaydorado features romantically charged narratives between men with thrilling, unexpected and action-packed plots. Players can unlock new plot points across multiple chapters to explore the diverse lives of a varied cast of characters.
  • Fashionable Dress Up, Flaunt Your Style

Gaydorado’s wardrobe is absolutely loaded with hundreds of chic, fashionable and high-fashion clothing items. Players can unleash their imagination and flaunt their unique look.
  • Multiple Game Modes, Play Your Way

In addition to scintillating storylines and fashion-focussed fun, Gaydorado also features a robust PVP system. Players can flex their pecks in the gym to increase their battle power, show off their strength in the arena, while a dating system allows intimate interactions with myriad characters.
  • Become part of a community, Make international friends

With a strong sense of community at its heart, Gaydorado offers carefully designed and implemented social systems – allowing players to chat to one another across the globe either in public or private chat rooms.

To stay up to date with the latest Gaydorado developments please like the official Facebook page.


For more information please contact:

Lauren Dillon
0207 292 8330
Tom Copeland
0207 292 8330