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Discover the debut release from Sand Door Studio, a hack ‘n’ slash with a tactical twist now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

9 streamers for the Nations Brawl as they compete to achieve top scores and win special prizes for their communities.

Watch the launch trailer of Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior here:
PARIS, February 13, 2024 – Today, Quantic Dream and Sand Door Studio is proud to announce the release of Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior, a new tactical hack ‘n’ slash published under the label SPOTLIGHT by QUANTIC DREAM.

The game is now available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store at a recommended retail price of €24.99. To celebrate the release, partner platforms will offer a 20% discount during the first week of launch, for a suggested retail price of €19.99.


"We've put much creativity and care into Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior, and I am so excited to see how players will challenge themselves and make the game their own," states Thibault Legouet, Game Director at Sand Door Studio.

"It is an honor to lead the development of Sand Door Studio’s inaugural game, and to see a bright idea from our student project grow into a full-blown game. I hope players will have tons of fun strategizing, challenging themselves, and summoning an army of their past selves to save the kingdom of Antala.”

Thanks to the godlike powers of the game’s protagonist, Imë, players can rewind time a few seconds in the past and summon clones – remnants – to overpower their enemies. Each arena can be defeated in countless ways with a combination of remnants, spells, and weapons, bringing a strategic approach to battle.

Additionally, players can push their limits by changing the difficulty of settings and adding combat modifiers to unlock new rewards with a special game mode called “Figments of Battle.” By replaying and optimizing each arena, they can challenge themselves to rise to the top and beat the game’s high scores.

The game is fully dubbed in English and is also available with subtitles in the following languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Turkish.

Furthermore, Quantic Dream and Sand Door Studio have released the game’s official soundtrack on digital streaming platforms, available today in partnership with KidKatana Records. The soundtrack blends various music genres - such as electronic, dark ambient and industrial tribal - and the composers Thomas Lanza and Pablo Gomez have taken inspiration from artists like Ulf Söderberg, Steve Roach, and Tzol'kin, among others.

This unique piece of music is available here.


Watch the Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior – Nations Brawl trailer here:

To mark the release of Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior, the Sand Door team is thrilled to announce the Lysfanga Nations Brawl. Starting today, February 13, this one-week digital event will feature nine talented streamers competing on Twitch to score the best time in a specific arena. Representing their nation, each streamer will battle to win special prizes for their communities, including a customized Lysfanga PC:
  • MisterMV – Representing France – Stream on February 13 at 2pm GMT
  • Maxim – Representing Germany – Stream on February 19 at 9am GMT
  • Swaggy Bark – Representing Turkey – Stream on February 16 at 9pm GMT
  • Coreano – Representing Brazil – Stream on February 13 at 7pm GMT
  • Elded – Representing Latina America – Stream on February 17 at 1am GMT
  • Knekro – Representing Spain – Stream on February 13 at 3pm GMT
  • LilAggy – Representing United States – Stream on February 17 at 2am GMT
  • MissMikkaa – Representing Sweden – Stream on February 19 at 8pm GMT
  • Strippin – Representing United Kingdom – Stream on February 18 at 8pm GMT

Competitors will fight to achieve a maximum score of four “S” in a specific arena, in the fastest time possible. All streamers’ scores will be tracked on a dedicated leaderboard available at

To find out more about the game, visit and follow the studio's channels @SandDoorStudio on X (Twitter) and @lysfanga on TikTok.
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