Press release

Journey into the Traveler in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Today, Bungie launched their latest trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, showcasing the new destination inside of the Traveler named The Pale Heart. This mysterious world starts as a light-filled paradise, but slowly creeps into a distressing land of darkness. Players will embark on a perilous journey to confront the Witness, who has corrupted the Traveler and plans to enact its Final Shape. Narrated by Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6, the late Hunter recounts his experience in this harrowing landscape, beckoning Guardians to gather and take on this blight.


Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on June 4, 2024, reaching a pinnacle moment in the Light and Darkness saga. Those that pre-order the expansion will automatically unlock rewards such as the new Pyramid-themed Exotic ship, an Exotic Ghost, and two pre-order emblems. Guardians have been preparing for this moment—it’s time to take the fight directly to the Witness.