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Guardian Games All-Stars and Guardian Games Cup have launched! 🏅

The Witch Queen is also now available on PlayStation Plus

Guardian Games All-Stars has kicked off, where Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks go head-to-head during this three-week period to compete for glory. This event, available for all players, brings new challenges and rewards to contenders, including Destiny 2’s first-ever hoverboard: the Skimmer.

This year’s Guardian Games All-Stars features an updated scoring system, new Focus Activities for extra Medallions, the Contender Card with weekly Diamond medals, and exclusive rewards like the Champion Memento and Ascendant Alloys to hype up the competitive experience. The new Allstar Vector Skimmer vehicle is now available for all players who participate in Guardian Games All-Stars, bringing unique aerial tricks and rail-grinding to Destiny 2. Players who earn the Allstar Vector Skimmer during the event will gain permanent access to this new rad mode of transport.

Completing Event Card challenges unlocks an array of rewards, including the new Compressed Wave Frame Heavy Grenade Launcher, Hullabaloo, as well as an Exotic Ghost Shell, an Exotic emote, and more. Also, completing the Gold Event Challenge before March 26, 2024, at 9:59 AM PT, qualifies players for the Bungie Rewards offer to purchase a physical 2024 Guardian Games All-Stars Medal through the Bungie Store.

Plus, the Guardian Games Cup is back for its third year, where players from around the world can gather a fireteam to compete for glory while also supporting Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee through the Bungie Foundation. Players who want to compete can find all the details in the Guardian Games Cup blog post.

For PlayStation Plus members, starting today they can also redeem Destiny 2: The Witch Queen at no additional cost for a limited period. This expansion offers players the chance to confront Savathûn and her Lucent Hive to reclaim the Light, while delving into the enigmatic Throne World. PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to the Vow of the Disciple raid, too, as part of this offer, available to redeem from March 5 through April 1.