Press release

Bungie community completes cryptic Marathon ARG, unlocking new secrets

During the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie revealed Marathon: a new PvP-focused extraction shooter and the first completely new project from the studio in more than a decade.
From the reveal, new and veteran Marathon fans worked together for days to analyze and share confounding and conflicting clues, uncovering a network of lore-inspired secrets from in-game factions across the digital and physical world and in multiple languages.

“Putting players in charge of discovering and unlocking Marathon's narrative is one of our core game principles,” said Christopher Barrett, Marathon’s game director. “This interactive experience represents our commitment to rich storytelling both in and out of the game and it's been thrilling to watch it unfold this week with community members across the world.”

Over the course of the ARG, the community unlocked Bungie’s first-ever Marathon ViDoc, behind-the-scenes footage, a physical installation located in Venice Beach, California, lore, assets, an emblem in Destiny 2, and more.

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