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    Dying Light launching on Nintendo Switch

    Wrocław, Poland — October 19, 2021 — Today Techland has launched the highly anticipated Dying Light Platinum Edition on the Nintendo Switch. Now, the most content-packed and ultimate edition of Techland’s successful zombie survival game is finally arriving on Nintendo Switch. Watch the Dying Light Platinum Edition Launch Trailer here . The game has landed on Switch with a range of brand new features prepared especially for this platform, such as HD rumble, touchscreen, gyro aiming, local & online cop-op, and motion controls... [Mehr]

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    Dying Light: Hellraid DLC expands with Magic

    Techland adds new quest, potions and Armory location to the dark fantasy slasher DLC for Dying Light

    Wrocław, Poland — October 15, 2021 — Techland announced that Dying Light’s dark-fantasy Hellraid DLC is expanding today with a free new content drop that adds a whole new map section and a challenging quest unlocking a brand new magic skill. Players will be able to download this update across all platforms now.   Players will venture into a new map section in The Mysterious Portal to take on the challenge of a difficult quest that offers the rewards of a new weapon and a new skill: magic... [Mehr]

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    Dying 2 Know MORE #4 Abandoned Structures

    In this episode of Dying 2 Know MORE, you'll find out what are abandoned structures and what is their function in Dying Light 2. Our reliable Paulina will once again provide you with the latest information about the world of Dying Light 2, this time asking Tymon Smektała, Lead Game Designer himself. During this episode, you will learn how the player can influence the world through the City Alignment system, where abandoned structures are one of the main elements... [Mehr]

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    PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS get spooky; Halloween-themed Update 14.1 is now live on consoles


    PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 14.1 is now live on console, following the PC Live Servers opening up last week. With this update, players are able to embrace the Halloween spirit early as key areas throughout the Erangel map are now updated with “spooky” decorations. This includes new weather effects - including fog and a unique moon color - which can be found in key points of interest throughout the map... [Mehr]

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    Grusel-Event „Festival der Verlorenen“ kehrt in Destiny 2 zurück – kostenlos für alle Spieler 

    Ausrüstung im Dinosaurier-Stil, Heimgesuchte Sektoren, neue Prämien und vieles mehr wartet auf mutige Hüter

    Das Festival der Verlorenen kehrt in Destiny 2 zurück. Bei dieser jährlichen Tradition werden Hüter dazu eingeladen, das Licht zu feiern, das wir in der Dunkelheit finden. Seid dabei, verbreitet Gruselstimmung, teilt leckere Süßigkeiten miteinander und erzählt Geschichten über jene, die wir verloren haben, aber nie vergessen werden. Das schaurig schöne Event ist für alle Spieler kostenlos und geht von heute bis zum 2... [Mehr]