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Update 9.1 Also Introduces a New Ranked Season with Solo Queues and Survivor Pass: Highlands

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 14 October 2020 – PUBG Corporation, pioneer of the battle royale genre, today revealed Season 9. The latest PUBG Season features a new battleground called Paramo, which takes place in a land filled with ancient secrets cradled among the clouds in the highlands of South America. Survivors can jump into Season 9 when it releases for PC via Steam on 21 October and 29 October for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and Stadia, the new generation gaming platform from Google.
Paramo is a 3x3 map with a dynamic world new to PUBG, ensuring that every trip to Paramo is a unique experience. The latest battleground features the following thrilling additions and dangers for intrepid survivors:

  • Dynamic Environment: Paramo includes a dynamic world system that changes major landmarks between matches, making every trip a unique experience where survivors must adapt their tactics. Several streams of molten lava will also flow across the map from a nearby volcano, giving survivors a unique obstacle as they traverse the battleground. Stepping or riding a vehicle through the lava can lead to a quick death.
  • Map Hazards: Paramo is rife with danger and survivors who find themselves outside of the Blue Zone will receive more damage when compared to other maps. Survivors can also find themselves outside the play zone, which can lead to instant death if they stay for too long. To combat these dangers, a new item called the Critical Response Kit can revive a downed squad member in one second.
  • Support Helicopters: Due to its remote location and high elevation, survivors will drop into Paramo from helicopters. During the match, these helicopters will carry precious cargo across the map, with the plan of dropping it just outside the play area. Crack shot survivors can shoot enough rounds into the helicopter and force it to release its lootable cargo early.
Season 9 also brings the addition of a New Ranked Season and a New Survivor Pass.
  • New Ranked Season: Thanks to overwhelming community feedback, Ranked Solo queue has been added. Survivors will now be able to play Ranked Mode against other solo players as they climb the competitive ranks. As with all new Ranked Seasons, small ruleset adjustments will also be added.
  • Survivor Pass: Highlands: Survivor Pass: Highlands loads Survivors up with Paramo-themed rewards. Unlike previous passes, Highlands will run for a reduced duration of two months. The pass will be quicker to complete with only level 50 needed to receive all its rewards.

Season 9 launch on 21 October for PC via Steam and 29 October for Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia. Survivors who want to preview Update 9.1 can do so with the PC Test Server on 14 October and the Console Test Server on 19 October. For more information on Update 9.1, please view the full patch notes here.
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